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Lovely smooth dark chocolate with no bitterness but not too sweet either. Great pop of flavour and a satisfyingly chunky bar. I'll definitely be back for more!

Cotswold Fudge Co | Vegan Butterscotch Fudge
Sarah J

Delicious fudge - tastes exactly like butterscotch. Ate it in one sitting without regrets.

So tasty

So tasty! Really rich creamy milk chocolate and great texture from the malted cornflakes. Very much recommended.

Gnaw | Milk Hot Chocolate Shot With Mini Mallows
J Brown
Hot Chocolate Shot with Mallows

Delicious - not too sweet.
Prompt delivery.

Awful packaging, great products

Bought for a coffee lover. Calling it a hamper conjures images of a nice gift set. Instead, it just comes in a plain white flimsy cardboard box. If you buy this as a gift for anyone, be prepared for the initial 'wtf is this' reaction. The stuff inside was loved but for a gift set like this, the packaging is part of the product and is the first thing the person sees.

Crazy for caraboo

I really love these bars! I don’t eat refined sugar, or caffeine and these are my favourites, so nice to get them in the post and so fast! Also lower price here than in my local shop

Lovely gift

Searched high and low for the best hot chocolate hamper for my sister's birthday. She loved it!

Great gift idea

All the products in this collection are good quality and something a little special.
It's great to know that buying this will be supporting ethical and small producers.
And all the packaging can be thrown straight onto the compost heap afterwards!
I'll definitely be ordering more for Christmas gifts.

Subtle mint

Nice subtle mint flavour in creamy white chocolate. Crunchy chocolate nibs added good texture to the bar. Very much enjoyed eating!

At last decent dairy free choccy treats

At last decent, good quality dairy free chocolates treats. Fudge that tastes like fudge! Lovely and more competitively priced thank the supermarket

It was a gift for my granddaughters as a treat, apparently they love it, thank you.

Cox & Co | Bee Pollen & Honey 61% Cacao
Marie Erwood
Tasty treat

Tried this chocolate for the first time when it was gifted to me and was delighted with the taste and quality. I have ordered more to distribute to friends who have been equally impressed. An excellent find!


bought this as a gift for a friend - she loved it so much, what a lovely treat!

better than i expected

just a crunchy that vegans can eat, thats enough praise right there


Really tasty sweets - and just like mango.

Great gift.

Recipient very pleased with gift selection. Good service.

The Summer Collection Hamper
Gareth Knowles
not really a hamper

The chocolates and sweets were, of course, lovely. However this was sold as a "summer collection hamper" and as we bought it is a gift we hoped it would indeed be a "hamper", but the "hamper" was simply the cardboard delivery box, covered with packaging tape and postage labels rendering it useless as a "hamper"! We ended up having to buy a gift box from amazon in order to give this " hamper" as a gift! If the company had wrapped the cardboard box in brown paper and put the labels and tape on that it would have been an improvement. So I suggest this item is sold as " summer collection" and leave the word "hamper" off the description.

Hi Gareth,
Thank you for your comments, although the item sent out was as pictured you are of course correct that the tape used to secure it does detract from the overall look - going forwards we are looking at ways we can improve this whilst still using recyclable materials. Glad you enjoyed the sweets though!

Properly tangy

I bought these for Father's Day and they didn't disappoint - I'm told they were gorgeously tangy (unlike a lot of sweets that claim to be tangy) and they definitely didn't last very long!

Joe & Seph's | Caramel & Belgian Chocolate Popcorn
David G.
Popcorn like it should be

I often find popcorn a bit underwhelming - any flavouring is too subtle for my liking. This, on the other hand, does it properly and loads in the flavour, making for some truly moreish and indulgent popcorn.

Coco Chocolatier | Haggis Spice Dark Chocolate Bar
David G.
Spices work really well

On the face of it haggis and chocolate shouldn't work, but of course there's no offal here and the spices work fantastically to make a bar that has fantastic (and not overpowering at all) flavour. All in all it's one of my favourites - really delicious!

Great flavour

Great flavour and not a combination you'll find in many places. Orange and butterscotch in white chocolate - yum!

A bit different

Creamy caramel flavoured milk chocolate, with banana chips chips for added texture. A bit different and very enjoyable :) a treat for sweet-tooths.


If you love quality chocolate and coffee these little gems are a must.
The chocolate is so creamy and the coffee beans a pure contrast with the crunchy burst of coffee. The only problem with these are they're addictive, be warned !!!!


This is a comparatively large, good value bar of chunky dark chocolate. It tastes quite sweet.
It has an interesting indentation pattern on the top - different to the usual bar, however I found this made it difficult to break off the portion size I wanted and pieces went flying everywhere - including onto my cream coloured sofa! So I had to knock off a star for that.

Handmade by Helen | Honey, I'm Comb!
Sarah J

Deliciously rich chocolate with plenty of honeycomb pieces - what's not to love?