About Us

Treat Me Good is co-owned and run by Helen & Simon Johnson.

We believe in good quality and fair prices with plenty of choice. We aim to make all the products we sell as sustainable as possible, looking to work with companies with high ethical standards. All of the packaging we use ourselves is recyclable and we try to select products for you made with recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Many of our chocolate producers have projects to help combat deforestation or to work at a grass roots level to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their families - we really want the products we sell to do good as well as taste great. Look for more information on the individual product pages.

Our company was originally going to be a little different; we were all set in March 2020 to launch ourselves making cakes, doughnuts and chocolates for local craft markets (along with a variety of sweets) but then the year has obviously worked out very differently than many of us planned and we feel very lucky to have our health and our loved ones safe.

So, in April we got to work on a new plan - we found it frustrating that it was so difficult to get a good variety of sweets and especially good quality chocolate bars when there are so many exciting chocolate makers out there in the UK and all over the world.

We have brought together what we think is a fantastic selection of artisan chocolatiers already with more that we already know we will be bringing to you in the coming months.

Our Treats, All Good