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Easy Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe


This easy marbled chocolate cheesecake is a fantastic end to any meal; rich and creamy with a buttery biscuit base. The chocolate you use is your choice entirely but we have used the Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seed White Chocolate together with Love Cocoa's Earl Grey 41% Milk Chocolate as the citrus elements present in both complement each other really nicely. You could as an alternative replace the butter, cream cheese and double cream we use in our recipe for plant based alternatives and pair them with a suitable dark chocolate to create a Vegan alternative to this recipe (on our site we mark if a dark chocolate is Vegan or not in the description so you always know).

Preparation Time: About an hour (plus two or three to set)
Cooking Time: None


250g Digestive Biscuits
100g Melted Butter
680g Full Fat Cream Cheese 
1 tbsp Vanilla Essence
100g Icing Sugar
300ml Double Cream
150g of Chocolate (white, milk, dark or a mixture)


1. Prepare a springform cake tin (20-22cm ish) by placing a sheet of baking paper over the base and closing the tin around it to give you a nice, flat base to work from.

Food processor biscuits

2. Put your digestive biscuits into a food processor and pulse them into fine crumbs. Once they are to you liking (you don't want too many lumpy bits but a few won't hurt) add in the melted butter and give them a few more pulses to combine.

3. Press the mixture into the prepared base of the tin pressing down firmly to make it nice and compact. Set aside in the fridge to chill (it's not essential that you do this but it's one less thing on the work surface).
* TIP* Use the bottom of a glass tumbler to flatten the mixture - it's much quicker and more even than using a wooden spoon

Cheesecake Base
4. Combine the cream cheese, vanilla essence and icing sugar in a large mixing bowl with a spatula. Once combined and smooth whisk in the double cream, again mixing until smooth and creamy. You should always use full fat cream cheese for making a cheesecake - half fat just winds up being too runny. Plus, this is a cheesecake - its supposed to be naughty! Ain't no such things as a halfway crooks - I'm pretty sure Mobb Deep were talking about cheesecake...

5. Add the mixture to your tin, making sure to spread it into all the edges and smooth it down until it is fairly flat with your spatula. You could now just leave it at this point if you wanted to and you would have a really good vanilla cheesecake. But you have come this far, while not go the whole hog?

Vanilla cheesecake

6. Melt your chocolate in the microwave (separately if you are using more than one to make sure you get the marbled effect we are after). Do this in small bursts - chocolate can go from solid to liquid very quickly and if you don't keep your eye on it you can scold the chocolate. If you put your microwave on half power / medium and just keep giving the chocolate 20 to 30 second bursts you should be done in a few minutes.

7. Spoon your melted chocolate onto the top of your cheesecake, trying to keep the blobs separate. Once it is all in place carefully draw a skewer or cocktail stick through it to create a bit of a pattern (you could also use a fork if more readily available)

8. Finally set in the fridge for at least 2 to 3 hours, or until needed. Carefully release the edges with a pallet knife before opening the sides of your tin (as you can see from the picture below I didn't take my own advice in places!)

Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake

This marbled chocolate cheesecake is easy and delicious - well worth the effort if you have the time. Let us know how your efforts go in the comments section below 😃


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