Top UK Chocolate Bars

Who Are The Top UK Brands of Chocolate?

Who are The Top UK Brands of Chocolate?

Since the day we started Treat Me Good we have looked to offer the very highest quality chocolate made by people who care about where it comes from and how the people who produce it are treated. In large part this has meant working with some of the very best chocolate makers here in the UK who are at the very forefront of artisan chocolate.

All of these delicious UK brands of chocolate are available to buy from meaning you can save yourself the hassle of shopping around because we have done the hard work for you!

Montezuma's Chocolates Ltd – Birdham, Chichester

Montezuma's have been making chocolate bars, buttons & truffles in the UK for over 20 years and their packaging is all recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. Established in 2000 by Simon & Helen Pattinson, Montezuma’s has long been regarded as one of the major names in the Great British Chocolate renaissance. Montezuma’s chocolate is synonymous with innovation and thinking outside of the box when it comes to flavours but they also believe in aiming to do business the right way which is one of the main reasons we knew we had to stock their excellent chocolate. In the words of the founders themselves:

“ When we had our lightbulb moment for a modern, quirky chocolate business almost exactly 20 years ago, whilst still deep in the heart of South America, we had already worked out the ideals with which we would run a business; should we ever be privileged enough to do so.

Those ideals were simply an extension of our personal values. We had both worked in many businesses where we felt the focus had been too much, or solely, on profit and not enough on how the business looked after its customers, suppliers, people, the environment or anyone else it came into contact with. It seemed obvious to us that, while profit is important, our business should also be a fun and rewarding place to work, we should do everything in our power to minimise our impact on the environment, we should pay a fair price to our suppliers and we should make the most extraordinary chocolate for our customers. - Helen & Simon Pattinson”

Gnaw Chocolate Ltd – Norwich, Norfolk

Gnaw Chocolate
Formed in 2011 by Matt & Teri Legon, Gnaw Chocolate source premium chocolate from West Africa and Brazil, using ethical suppliers. Gnaw is made with a high percentage of cocoa & cocoa butter - yum! The intention behind the brand is to create chocolate that is fun, not just the same old flavours and this is reflected in the packaging which has a really quirky feel to it. They also now offer Oat Milk bars which are an alternative to milk chocolate and suitable for Vegans as well as a range of incredible hot chocolate sticks in a fantastic range of exciting flavours. In their own words:

“We’re on a mission to keep our carbon paw-print low and our quality high. Supporting our loyal family of British suppliers has, and remains, to us a top priority. All of Gnaw our fabulous bars, mini bars, buttons and hot chocolate shots are handcrafted on British soil at our Gnaw HQ in sunny Norfolk - as we move to an even more sustainable future.  “

Coco Chocolatier – Edinburgh, Scotland

Maverick chocolatiers located in Scotland’s capital, Coco Chocolatier focus on innovative collaboration with some of the best artists around the world to create a true fusion of art and confection with their incredible range of chocolate. Daring flavour combinations like Rose & Black Pepper with Dark Chocolate set them apart from many who focus on more safe flavour combinations but a desire to be different is why you need to add these to your bucket list. Add to that the fact that Coco Chocolatier only use single origin chocolate and you have all the reasons you need to add one or more bars to your basket!

Established in 2004, and taken over by Calum Haggerty in 2013, COCO Chocolatier sources its chocolate ethically ‘at origin’ from Colombia – in doing so, ensuring that more wealth stays in the local economy. The team visits Colombia each year to meet the cacao farmers and visit the production factory to make sure the chocolate is being sourced and produced responsibly.

Love Cocoa / H!P Vegan Chocolate Bars

 James Cadbury has become one of the most recognisable faces in the UK chocolate revolution after appearing on Dragons Den and securing an investment from the show’s creator Peter Jones. Love Cocoa was founded in 2016 by James Cadbury who as his surname might suggest is the great-great-great grandson of the founder of Cadbury's chocolate, John Cadbury. Whilst the most famous name in British chocolate might be known around the world it has had nothing to do with the family it comes from for a long time after several take overs and is now owned by American multinational confectioners Mondelez International.
James Cadbury Dragons Den
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Love Cocoa have set out to make a more ethical chocolate inspired by the philanthropy of John Cadbury who famously built up much of Bourneville around his factory for the benefit of his workers and their families. James Cadbury’s venture plants a tree for every bar of chocolate sold as response to the huge levels of deforestation in West Africa driven by the chocolate industry’s constant search for space to grow crops.

In addition to the recognition the brand has received through numerous Great Taste Awards for their chocolate Love Cocoa have recently launched H!P – a range of vegan chocolate bars made using oat milk. This is part of a wider trend in the industry to make chocolate that can be enjoyed by all, even those who enjoy a vegan or dairy free lifestyle. Focusing on an initial range of 4 bars their same focus on creating exciting flavour combinations is now able to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Moo Free – Holsworthy, Devon

Moo Free was founded in May 2010 by Andrea & Mike Jessop;  Andrea is gluten intolerant and Mike lactose intolerant. With a son who also had dairy allergies the company was born out of a need to make Easter Eggs and Advent Calendars that would be suitable and soon many other parents started asking for the products for their own children.

Over the years Moo Free has received many awards, including the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise.  A lot of these awards are judged blind or voted for by the consumer showing that their innovations have lead to products enjoyed by a wide spectrum, not just those who have restricted diets.

Why Buy Artisan UK Chocolate?

The UK chocolate scene is growing an evolving all the time and the ultimate winner is the consumer. Artisan chocolate (craft chocolate) is undoubtedly more expensive than the more commonly available variety we are so used to but much of the reason for this is the liberties “Big Chocolate” takes with people lives in some of the poorest countries in the world. Buying good quality UK Chocolate means you get higher quality and more ethical chocolate which we think makes it taste all the more delicious.

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