Our Top 10 Best Selling Chocolate Bars

Top 10 Chocolate Bars UK

Top 10 Chocolate Bars

Its been a busy couple of months for Treat Me Good and we are continuing to add to our range all the time. With so much choice you'd be forgiven for not knowing where to begin so we have complied a list of our Top 10 best selling chocolate bars to give you some inspiration!

No 10 : Coco Chocolatier Lavender (Milk Chocolate)

Lavender Milk Chocolate

Is there a plant more calming than Lavender? Used in aromatherapy for hundreds of years it has a blissfully soothing effect on our state of mind. When combined with rich milk chocolate it transforms it into a dream-like snack worthy of the Gods themselves. Perfect for those who like subtle floral flavour in their chocolate. 40% milk chocolate. 

No 9: Danny's Rumzin' (Dark Chocolate)

Dannys Rumazin Chocolate Bar

Danny’s Dad had a misspent youth fearlessly sailing the high seas. wet and wild night, with a belly full of rum, he lost his footing climbing the topsails. Happily, when he woke up he didn’t just have a sore head. He also had the inspiration for Rumazin’! He passed the recipe on to Danny and now Danny is passing it on to you. So set sail with Danny’s Dad’s

No 8 : Danny's Wicked White

Wicked White Chocolate

Always expect the unexpected. But what if the unexpected is what people expect? Well, that’s when Danny tends to unexpectedly do the expected. Confused? We’re not surprised. Just know this: Danny’s White Chocolate is an extravagant blend of cocoa butter and milk that defies space and time. Take a roller coaster ride back to the glory days of confectionary wizardry and a chocolatey cloud nine. 

No 7 : Cachet Organic Cherry & Almond

Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate

The sophisticated match-up of cherry and almond is a surprisingly splendid counter-punch to the intense 57% dark chocolate.

No 6 : Cachet Organic Apricot & Hazelnut

Apricot & Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar

Fruits, nuts and chocolate – how can you improve this tasty trio? Apricots and hazelnuts are the chief players in this game of delectation sensation.

No 5 : Seed & Bean Sicilian Hazelnut

Seed & Bean Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

Made from the finest Hazelnuts grown in the Italian mountains. Rich in flavour and smooth in texture, each mouth melting bite is sure to whisk you away to a nutty nirvana.

No 4 : Love Cocoa Honeycomb Milk Chocolate 

Love Cocoa Honeycomb Milk Chocolate
Sticky British honeycomb is combined with our single-origin Colombian milk chocolate to bring subtle, calming sweetness in your mouth. Everyone's favourite, making it perfect for all occasion gifts. Enjoy with your family, children, friends and loved ones. (2018 Great Taste Award Winner)
No 3 : Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seed
Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seed
Another wildly wonderful combination. By adding a bit of crunch to Seed & Bean's creamy, dreamy white chocolate and touch of Italian lemon, they’ve made the ordinary extraordinary. Eat your way to cloud nine with each beautiful bite.
 No 2 : Love Cocoa Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar is quite magical... bringing back childhood memories combining delicious white chocolate infused with aromatic vanilla and lots of crunchy sprinkles! It comes in stunning eye-catching packaging and is the chocolate you will not forget for a long time. What a better way to say Happy Birthday?

No 1 : Islands Chocolate Smooth Operator

Islands Chocolate Smooth Operator

The Smooth Operator is the definition of cool. He is effortlessly suave with indelible charm; he makes his own rules.  A taste of the Caribbean Islands – unmistakeably flavoursome cocoa with delicate notes of caramel and the citrus fruits of St Vincent. Bold. Balanced. Incredibly moreish. Real-time chillers, spontaneous movers, big dreamers: Smooth Operators. 


What do you think of the Top 10? Is one of your favourites missing? Let us know in the comments section!

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