Cachet's "Cocoa for Schools" Project

Cocoa for Schools began with a single act of kindness by Kim's Chocolate (the makers of Cachet) founder, Fons Maex, after a visit to Tanzania in 2010.

When meeting with the cocoa farmers he was shocked by the incredible difficulties they had to face, despite the Tanzanian climate being perfect for cultivation, the farmers and their community suffered extreme poverty due to lack of resources and education.

Growing up in poverty himself, Maex knew that the only way out of it was knowledge and understanding, therefore the initial steps that needed to be taken were to build a strong educational infrastructure across the region.

After returning to Belgium, Maex donated 5,000 euros to Tanzanian schools in order to buy 2,000 books, an incredibly generous offer, but only a small glimmer of what was to come…

Since that visit in 2010, Maex and all of those working tirelessly on the Cocoa for Schools project, have successfully completed 659 classrooms, 87 teachers’ offices, 63 headmasters’ offices, and are currently renovating hundreds more, right now, as you read this!

Cocoa for Schools hope to reach their goal of 2,100 classrooms and offices by their 12th year, in which they will distribute around 430,000 books, educating children and fortifying Tanzanian communities.

However, it doesn’t end there, the project also works closely with the cocoa farmers, applying agricultural training, distributing new cocoa seedlings, and providing solar powered electricity generators.

The below video is a powerful demonstration of the impact this project has on the Tanzanian community, please watch, like and share.

Together we can make a difference.

For more information please visit Cocoa For Schools to see the ongoing achievements.

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