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  • Cheap Chocolate; What is the price and what does it cost?

    There is a dark secret to cheap chocolate - that millions of cacao farmers live on just half of the UN's absolute poverty threshold (currently £1.43 / day). That's just 72p a day to live on for farmers supporting an industry worth £33,000,000,000 globally.
  • Our Top 10 Best Selling Chocolate Bars

    Top 10 Chocolate Bars Its been a busy couple of months for Treat Me Good and we are continuing to add to our range all the time. With so much choi...
  • Cachet's "Cocoa for Schools" Project

    Cocoa for Schools began with a single act of kindness by Kim's Chocolate (the makers of Cachet) founder, Fons Maex, after a visit to Tanzania in 2010.
    When meeting with the cocoa farmers he was shocked by the incredible difficulties they had to face, despite the Tanzanian climate being perfect for cultivation, the farmers and their community suffered extreme poverty due to lack of resources and education.
  • Haribo Fruit Gummies: Colourful Variety

    Production – with attention to detail HARIBO fruit gummies have brought joy to everyday life for 100 years. With such diversity in shapes and flavo...
  • What is Bean To Bar? And why is it important?

    The phrase ‘Bean to Bar’ is thought to have originated from America in the late 1990s or early 2000s when a couple of enterprising individuals deci...
  • Welcome to

    The time is finally here; the sweets are packed, the chocolate is ready and we are waiting to ship your orders or answer any questions you have on ...